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Online Blackjack Game

Online blackjack game. Today, online gaming is very popular all over the world.

With the advent of new technologies protecting the safety of its users, the Internet is now catering to all kinds of activities: be it for e-commerce, communication, or leisure. And now, even games that people only knew in casinos can be easily accessible anywhere, anytime. Say hello to one of the most entertaining (and quite profitable) online game: the Online Blackjack!

Blackjack is one of the most loved games in casinos due to its interesting logical and strategic approach. Blackjack rules depend on its type, but the most basic of all is the standard game played in casinos and recently, online. The main objective of the game is to play against the dealer and the other opponents by starting with two cards. The sum of the values that the cards represent should be high, but not so high as to be over 21, else the player loses.

As the game is played, the player should decide whether to continue being dealt with cards or to "stand" with the cards he has in hand. When a player says “hit”, he is dealt with additional cards thus adding up to the total sum of his initial cards. The game is strategic in the sense that the player should know when to "stand" or to "hit", therefore determining his chances of winning the game.

In 2008, blackjack fans (or otherwise) were intrigued by the movie 21. The said movie features the story of a group of students from MIT who were students of Dr. Thorp, the man who has created a means of unfolding the patterns and predicting how a game of Black Jack will progress. His strategies are based on the concept of "card counting", in which the cards in play are analyzed by the players and conspire against the dealer to make sure of taking all the winnings. Although these schemes have been proven effective in succeeding to monopolize Blackjack in Vegas, these may not assure a player as much when he applies it to an online blackjack game.

While in blackjack casino, a player is able to decide his strategy before the cards are shown, in the online blackjack game he is only allowed to choose once the cards have been exhibited. This lessens his capability to analyze his state in the game; therefore he may not be able to weigh his choices efficiently. However, he can overcome this by raising his bets on his big money hands (ones that are of high probabilities) and lowering those on small money hands, hence increasing his earnings. With this, it is still important that he is knowledgeable of the blackjack tips by Dr. Thorp and other Blackjack enthusiasts like Cary Clark.

Fanatics like Cary Clark have researched intensely on the subject matter, and have shared their blackjack tips to interested parties. With these tips easily accessible, Black Jack is made more fun and exciting, considering that players are given more chances of winning. An online blackjack game might often be taken as a risky venture, but there are actually trust-worthy sites on the Internet that players can access and have fun with.