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Microgaming Blackjack

The variants of the microgaming online blackjack games. Microgaming is the best casino software to play blackjack games online for real money.

There are lots of different ways to play blackjack, although the aim of the game remains the same. The point is to beat the dealer, and players should not lose sight of this fact. Microgaming is one of the biggest and best software providers and as blackjack is such a popular game, they offer many different variants. Some of these games have use only one pack of cards, while others have up to 8 packs of cards in a shoe.

These games of blackjack are the same as those offered in land based casinos around the world, and because online gambling is so diverse, a few unique games appear too. In most instances online casinos will offer more diversity than land based casinos, and blackjack has not been left out of this equation. The game has adapted well to an online format and at sites which offer the full range of Microgaming Viper games, you may find up to fifteen or more variants of this game. These variants of blackjack are:

And we will go into a little more detail regarding each of these games at another time.

In as much as there are all these varieties of the game, sites will often provide special bonuses and specific promotions tailored for blackjack players. In fact most sites single out this game for special attention because it is so popularly played.

Microgaming also offers a super-realistic version of this game in their Gold series of games and High Streak European Blackjack Gold is one such game. This game uses basically standard European rules, but there is a special side bet on offer which if won pays 10:1, so there is quite a twist in the game.

Generally speaking blackjack offers the lowest house edge in the casino and if you are able to play this game optimally, this edge can be diminished by up to .05 of a percent. While this might not seem like much, you must realize that this is a half a percent that casino doesn't get and the player does, so it does make a difference in the long term.

There is obviously many state of the art, reputable online casinos which make use of Microgaming Viper software. There are already 120 casinos using this brand and they are without doubt the busiest and most profitable sites. It is the front-end software, or games; that give them the edge and blackjack can be played as a download version, non download which is still graphic rich, from your mobile phone and it is also available online with live dealers.

Live dealers is one of the latest trends at online casinos, and in this instance a random number generator does not deal the cards. They are dealt from a blackjack shoe, by a real live person and watched and played in real time. Players watch the games through a video feed and wager on the game while watching them play out.