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Blackjack Game

Players who visit casinos almost always make a stop at the blackjack table. Blackjack game play is enjoyable to many players.

This game of chance and skill produces a level of excitement that is seldom found in other games. Blackjack game play, in fact, is often the primary reason players venture to casinos and other gaming establishments. As players begin their blackjack game play, there are a couple of playing strategies that one should be aware of.

Perhaps the most well-known and attempted blackjack game playing strategy is card counting. Blackjack is a game of odds. Knowledge of the chance of any particular card being played is to the advantage of the player. This is especially true when one considers the number count (i.e. 21) that is the point of focus of the game. As such, players have long sought out methods to keep track of all the cards being played.

Card counting, therefore, is about improving a player’s game decisions as a result of informed calculations. In blackjack game play, card counting is about being aware of what cards are still available; more so than trying keep track of what’s been played. In fact, with the majority of card counting techniques, it is not necessary to memorize every card that has been played. Instead, there is a point system that is used that allows players to keep track of the total amount of points.

Card counting, if not done by mechanical means, is not cheating. More to the point, card counting, when properly executed, gives blackjack game players an advantage over the casino. This, of course, doesn’t sit very well with most venues and has resulted in a number of counter-measures such as using multiple decks. Additionally, if players are too successful, most venues can ban players from the establishment – with card counting as the given justification. Blackjack game players, therefore, want to be careful in using any card counting techniques.

Besides card counting, there are basic playing strategies that blackjack game players should be aware of as well. The basic playing strategy is based on the composition of the cards the dealer is showing, as well as what is in the players own hand. Blackjack game players need to remember various combinations in order to employ this basic game strategy. For example, if a player is holding 12 and the dealer is only showing 4; then the players should probably stand. There are numerous variations and situations that blackjack game players need to be cognizant of to use this method of playing.

Blackjack game play is inherently simple in nature, but complex in practice. The various strategies that are available bear this fact out. There are a number of playing strategies that are associated with blackjack game play, of which those listed here are only a small sampling of. Many of them work. Blackjack game players, however, should be cautious. Venues frown upon any method applied to blackjack game play that reduces the house’s advantage over the player. Online blackjack game players, nevertheless, continue to strive to improve their odds in this fun game of chance.