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Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack

This Microgaming version of Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack game makes use of five normal decks of fifty two cards.

These are dealt after a hand is completed and a natural will beat any hand value of 21. The dealer is also forced to stand on 17 and strategy cards may be customized to play this game in expert mode. Expert mode also features auto-play and it is for this reason that a strategy card would be used, so that the game can auto play at optimal strategy. Statistics may also be reviewed in real time as each hand is logged.

As Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack has a progressive jackpot prize, a progressive bet is placed, this is automatic and 1 credit is transferred to this wager at the start of every game. Hands of consecutive 7's, for example 777 of spades will pay a portion of this prize money in the form of a bonus and if the player gets three 7's of diamond's the full progressive prize is paid.

The splitting of aces applies, however this may only happen once, and if a ten is dealt to one of these aces, this is considered to be a normal hand of 21. After the split, players may continue to draw. Doubling down is allowed after the first two cards have been dealt but not after a split or if the player has blackjack. Insurance applies, but again not to split hand nor after doubling down. The normal Microgaming minimum bet of £€$1 and maximum bet of £€$200 is relevant in this game.

Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack

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