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Super Fun 21 Blackjack

With a minimum bet of 1 and a maximum bet of 200, Microgaming Super Fun 21 Blackjack offers the same betting range as all other games in this series.

The game uses one normal pack of 52 cards and these as always, are shuffled before a new hand plays. The dealer is forced to stand on hard or soft 17 and the player will always beat the dealer with blackjack.

In expert mode a strategy card is customized to allow the game to play on auto play, this is the standard strategy for a 1 pack game – or whatever strategy you customize the card in. All hands are logged in this mode and may be reviewed in real time or later for statistical purposes.

If you don't want to play out your hand, a late surrender may be made and this may also be done after doubling down. In Super Fun 21 Blackjack there are bonus options available, but these are not available to players after doubling down has taken place. The bonuses pay out 2/1 for blackjack in a diamond suit, you win if you score 20 or less with 6 cards, and are immediately paid 2/1 if you score 21 with 6 cards.

If an unlike pair of cards has a value of 10, these may be spilt, aces may be split, but aces and tens do not make a blackjack, only 21. A maximum of 4 hands may be played and this is three splits - aces may be re-split. Doubling down and insurance is applicable according to normal blackjack rules.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack

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