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Spanish Blackjack

Microgaming has a number of version of blackjack games available and Spanish Blackjack is one of these.

This game plays with 8 decks of 48 cards in the shoe and these are shuffled before a hand plays. Noticeably the "10" number cards are left out of the packs. This Microgaming version of the game allows for a minimum bet of 1 (in your chosen currency) and a maximum wager of 200.

In this game the dealer must hit on a soft 17 and a players blackjack or 21 always beats the dealers 21. A late surrender is allowed and this saves the player half their initial wager, but may not take place after doubling down. Aces may be split and the maximum is three times, so the maximum hands playable are four. Aces may also be re-split, and when this is done, only one card per ace may be dealt then the player must stand.

After receipt of the first two cards doubling down is allowed and must be equal to the first wager. After hitting and splitting, doubling down may take place unless the player has blackjack. Insurance does not apply to split hands and pays 2:1, and various payouts are available for various totals of 21. For example a five card hand of 21 pays 3/2, a six card hand of 21 pays 2/1, a 7 card hand of 21 pays 3/121, a 777 of the same suit pays 50/1 and so on. These are bonuses and they are not paid after doubling down, but still make this game immensely attractive.

Spanish Blackjack

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