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Playtech Progressive Blackjack

This version of playtech blackjack game has a real twist in the tail as it is linked to a progressive jackpot prize.

The rules of the game are based on Vegas Strip Blackjack, however the shoe uses 8 decks of 52 regular cards. Bets are more expensive and the wager may also go higher with a minimum bet of $/Euro/GBP 5 and a maximum of $/Euro/GBP 1000. The progressive prize bet is an additional side bet and if this is played the game pays bonuses on:

  • 2 Unsuited Aces - pays $/Euro/GBP 25
  • 2 Suited Aces - pays $/Euro/GBP 100
  • 3 Unsuited Aces - pays $/Euro/GBP 250
  • 3 Suited Aces - pays $/Euro/GBP 2500
  • 4 Unsuited Aces - pays $/Euro/GBP 1500
  • 4 Aces either Red or Black pays out the Progressive Jackpot Prize

The temptation to place a side bet with prizes like this up for grabs is obviously high, and really gives this game an edge. This side bet costs an additional $/Euro/GBP 1.

The dealer must stand on all hands to the value of 17 and standard strategy charts may be used as a guide. No option for a late surrender applies, any pair may be split and hands may not be re-split. Aces split may only receive one additional card to the hand and normal double down rules apply - these rules are standard across all Playtech Blackjack. Players are offered the option of insurance and this wager is lost if the dealer does not have Blackjack.

Playtech Progressive Blackjack

Play Progressive Blackjack game online in the UK at:

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