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Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a multi-hand version of this Microgaming offering and it is now available in the gold series of online blackjack games.

The maximum bet is £€$1 and the maximum is £€$200. The game uses four decks of 52 regular playing cards and the dealer must stand on any hand of 17. As the name suggests, this is a multi-hand game and this means up to five hands may be played at a time. Before each new hand plays, the cards are shuffled as it the case with all blackjack.

Normal customizable strategy card can be applied when Vegas Strip Blackjack is played in expert mode, and this is for auto-play purposes. Statistics are recorded of every hand played for review at any given time. Sound and speed may also be controlled and the graphics are great in the gold series of games.

Aces may be split a maximum of three times and may not be re-split. After the split only one additional card can be dealt and the player is forced to stand. Doubling downs rules are basically the same, this may not happen after a split although you can double down after splitting aces. This is the same with all blackjack games - if you have already been dealt a blackjack, you may not double down.

Insurance against the dealer getting blackjack may be taken and is paid if won at 2:1, you cannot take insurance on any additional hands created by a split, and this wager is forfeited if the dealer does not get a blackjack.

Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack

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