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Hi Low 13 European Blackjack Gold

This Microgaming version of Hi Low 13 European Blackjack is one of their gold series of games and the highlight of playing it is the fact that a side bet may be placed.

This is placed on the value of the first two cards and is dependent on their value being less than or greater or equal to 13. Separate betting spaces have been provided for the main wager as well as all three side bets. Players may wager on one, or on all of these options if they so choose, but they must bet on the main wager.

Optional features include speed control, enhanced graphics, sound, control and play settings. There is a statistics tab through which players have accesses to many and varied statistics and expert players have access to even more statistical information. In expert mode which is one of the main features of the gold series of game, Hi Low 13 may be played in auto-play with customizable strategy cards for both Hi and Low optimum strategy.

Splits, doubling down and insurance apply to this game and there are some restrictions on these bets, these are governed by European blackjack rules and this is a single hand game. The game is played with two standard decks of 52 cards and these are shuffled before a new hand is dealt. The minimum wager is £€$1 and the maximum is £€$200.

For the player who is seeking something a little extra special out of his blackjack game, this is an ideal choice.

Hi Low 13 European Blackjack

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