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European Blackjack

The Microgaming version of European Blackjack game makes use of 8 decks of 52 normal cards in a shoe; these cards are also reshuffled after every hand plays.

In this version of the game the dealer is forced to stand on 17 and a Blackjack, being an Ace and a Face card, beats any other hand value of 21. This also means it beats and Ace and a 10, which is in actual fact a normal hand of 21.

In this version the game can be played in expert mode, which also features "auto-play", and this plays with your own customized strategy. For this to apply a strategy card is available for the expert player to complete first. Statistics can be reviewed in real time as each hand of blackjack is logged.

You may split your Aces if you so choose, but you may not re-split them again and when you split your Aces, you are only allowed to be dealt one more card to each hand. After this you are forced to stick, no matter what the second card dealt happens to be. No doubling down is allowed after a split, but players may double down in normal circumstances. Insurance is allowed at 2:1 odds, but is not applicable to split hands or doubling down, if the dealer does not get Blackjack, the insurance wager is lost.

The minimum bet on Microgaming European Blackjack is $/Euro/GBP 2 and the maximum is $/Euro/GBP 200 and it is available at many Microgaming powered sites.

European Blackjack

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