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Double Exposure Blackjack

Like European Blackjack, the version of Microgaming Double Exposure Blackjack, also uses eight 52 normal deck of cards in a shoe.

These cards are also reshuffled after the end of every hand. A "Blackjack" is an Ace and a Face card and beats any other 21, while the dealer is forced to hit with a soft 17, and his cards are dealt face-up. A players "Blackjack" beats the dealers, while any other tied hand between a dealer and player – the dealer always wins.

As with most of Microgaming's versions, this game may be played in expert mode. If you are not at this level, don't worry; all it takes is a little practice. To play in this mode requires an optimal strategy and the player completes a strategy card. This takes a little getting used to, but it is so they may play in "auto play" mode. The hands are all statistically logged and can be reviewed in real time.

Splitting aces is allowed and an Ace plus a 10 card after the split is considered a normal hand of 21. Unlike the version of European blackjack, aces may be split up to three times and a maximum of four hands can be played. Only one card is dealt to each Ace after this; thereafter the player must stand.

Doubling down may only take place after two initial cards have been dealt and only if these total 9, 10, or 11. This may take place after the split and insurance cannot be placed on additional split hands. The maximum bet is $/Euro/GBP 200 and the minimum is $/Euro/GBP 1.

Double Exposure Blackjack

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