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Classic Blackjack Gold

Microgaming produces a Classic Blackjack version as well as a Classic Blackjack Gold version.

The Gold series game is the more updated version and therefore this is the game to play. These upgraded games offer a more realistic casino floor experience with much improved playability.

Classic Blackjack Gold is played with one regular deck of 52 cards and these are shuffled after a hand is completed. A natural beats any hand of 21 and the dealer is compelled to stand on a hand of 17, either soft or hard.

In Expert Mode this game will play with the Autoplay feature in which case a strategy card may be used. This is customizable and these custom features will be followed through while the game plays automatically. Statistics of every hand may be viewed in real time or later, as all hands are logged.

In Classic Blackjack Gold there is no late surrender option available but pairs may be split if they are like cards. Hands, even Aces may only be split once and multiple cards may be drawn to these. Doubling down is allowed on the first two cards and this bet has to be the same value as the original bet. There is no double down available after a split and only hands of 9, 10 or 11, may be doubled down.

Insurance pays 2:1, and only if the dealer has blackjack (a natural), this does not cover second hands on splits and has no relevance to doubling down.

Classic Blackjack Gold

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