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Bonus Blackjack

With a minimum bet of $/€/£ 1 and a maximum bet of $/€/£ 200, Microgaming Bonus Blackjack is available at most sites which operate from this software.

The bonus payouts are 50:1 for an Ace and face hand!

The game makes use of only two normal decks of 52 cards and these are shuffled prior to another hand being dealt. A "Blackjack" is an Ace and a Face card and this beats any other 21 hand. The dealer is forced to hit when they have a soft 17.

The difference in this game is the word "Bonus" because it has an additional bonus feature which is in the form of a bet. This may be placed at the beginning of each hand and may be different to the actual hand bet. It is also only paid out on the first two cards dealt.

As with all Microgaming blackjack, this bonus game may be played in expert mode. This is accomplished by completing a strategy card and the auto-play feature plays the game according to the strategy the player selects. Hands are logged for statistical purposes and these may also be reviewed in real time.

Unlike cards with a value of 10 may be split and Aces may also be split up to three times. The maximum hands allowed per player are four. Doubling Down after receipt of the initial two cards is allowed, unless you have been dealt a blackjack. Insurance is not applicable to split hands and 2:1 odds are paid for insurance against the dealer obtaining a blackjack.

Bonus Blackjack

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