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Blackjack Switch

Playtech Blackjack Switch is a game which is completely unique to this software and is a brilliant way to play this game online.

The maximum bet is larger than normal and is accepted up to $/Euro/GBP 500, while the minimum wager is $/Euro/GBP 1. Six decks of 52 normal playing cards make up a shoe in this game and the entire shoe is shuffled before a new hand commences. Dealers must stand on a soft 17 and the difference in this game is that all the cards are dealt face-up.

Each player receives two hands of two face-up cards; because of the switch rule, they may "Switch" the second dealt card in both hands. This is done to either improve one hand or both. In this version of Playtech Blackjack the dealers Blackjack beats the player and additionally if the dealer gets a 22 count it will tie with a players normal hand of 21. If the player has Blackjack the dealer 22 will not beat this hand.

Any pairs may be split, and if Aces are split only one more card may be dealt to each hand before the player must stand; there is not option to re-split. Doubling down can take place on the first two cards and after a split. This must be the same amount as the original bet and hands on which a double down wager has been placed may only be dealt one more card each. Normal insurance rules apply and this wager is paid at 2:1 only if the dealer has Blackjack.

Blackjack Switch

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