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Big Five Blackjack

The ever increasing stable of blackjack games at Microgaming sites, sees one of the newest additions Big Five Blackjack!

Big Five Blackjack, which is one of their series of Blackjack Gold games. It is great fun to play because the rules are quite liberal can be played in either single or multi-hand versions. The playability of this game has been vastly improved upon and it is also graphically rich.

Played with five decks of 52 cards, these are always shuffled before a hand is dealt and the is compelled to hit on a soft 17. Normal 5 deck strategy can be applied in this game if you are going to complete a strategy card to play on auto-play in expert mode. Evert hand is automatically recorded and can be reviewed in real time.

You are allowed a "late surrender" in this game, which means you can surrender half of your original bet. This is done to avoid losing the entire original bet. The only time this is not allowed is if the dealer is showing an Ace. Splitting pairs of cards is allowed if one of the pair is an Ace, and four hands are the maximum, so three splits are allowed. Aces however, may only be split once.

Double Down rules apply on the first two cards, and this may be don after a split, but not if the player holds a blackjack. Insurance is not allowed after splits or double downs, but in normal circumstances it is, this pays out 2:1. The minimum bet is $/Euro/GBP 1 and the maximum is $/Euro/GBP 200.

Big Five Blackjack

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