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21 Card Game

21 blackjack card games is very popular American game played in the casino as well as online with family or friends.

The main objective behind the wining of 21 card games to get the point as close to number 21 as possible, but remember your point should not exceed 21. The rules to play the 21 card game in the casino and 21 game online are almost the same with betting procedures and strategies. There is only a slight difference in playing 21 card game in the casino and 21 card game online. The difference is the counting card strategy.

21 Card Game in the Casino

21 card game is played at the casino table with seven gamblers on board per game. To start a game one gambler needs to place a bet. If the 21 card game is played in the casino, chips are used for betting. If you can add, place a desired total as close to number 21 not exceeding that it in the bet area. The blackjack game is very popular in the casino because of its simplicity. Another good reason to play 21 card game in the casino is probability of wining a hand of blackjack is high as compared to other casino games.

21 Game Online

The gambler needs to add the value of chips in the bet. Cards are give a value such as Aces is given 11 points, and all the rest of the cards represented by their number. The 21 card game starts with two cards, so the gambler needs to apply a combination of aces with ten to win the game. If gamblers combination is less than 21 he can ask for an additional card. Make sure that your combination dies not exceed 21 as if the combination exceeds the gambler loses out the game.

How to make 21 cards game wining simpler?

The gambler can win in blackjack games by getting the odds in his favor. This game needs concentration by the gambler. The gambler needs to look at the cards which have been played and he can calculate the cards left to be played. If the gambler has more cards in his favor he can increase the bet and can take advantage over other players. In the casino if the cards are in the favor of the dealer it is right time to decrease the bet size.

Who can play this 21 card games?

Initially, the adults with age of 21 or above can enter the casino to gamble. But with the popularity of the 21 game online many children also play this game on their computer. Anyone can play 21 cards games online. There are number of websites that specializes in 21 cards game. The fun playing this game online is that it does not use real money but teaches you the concept of gambling. So, children who play this game online are aware of the gambling rules. So, when they attain the age 21 or above they know all the rules and objective of gambling. Gambling is an addiction; parents of young children should restrict these online gambling.