Blackjack! The Game, The Excitement! Learn blackjack, read blackjack strategy and tips, choose the best online casino, play blackjack online and win.
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Blackjack! The Game, The Excitement! Learn blackjack, read blackjack strategy and tips, choose the best online casino, play blackjack online and win.

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There are a few games that seem to defy the odds of time and remain popular generation after generation. The game of blackjack is such a game. Among casino games, perhaps only slots and roulette are games that are more popular than blackjack. And this is debatable. Whatever the case may actually be, the one fact that is not in dispute is the excitement and thrill that surrounds this game of chance and skill. Blackjack continues to be a game of choice for many players.

The Best UK Online Casinos & Play Blackjack Games

Rank UK Online Casino Bonus % Rating Games Download
1. Blackjack Ballroom Online Casino Blackjack Ballroom £200 100% 10 450+ Download
2. 32Red Online Blackjack Casino 32Red Casino £320 133% 10 450+ Download
3. Red Flush Online Blackjack Casino Red Flush Casino £150 100% 10 450+ Download
4. Online Casino Plex Blackjack Casino Plex £500 100% 10 200+ Download
5. Go Wild Online Blackjack Casino Go Wild Casino £200 100% 10 450+ Download
6. Betfred Online Blackjack Casino Betfred Casino £200 100% 10 300+ Download
7. Omni Online Casino Blackjack Omni Casino £100 100% 10 250+ Download
8. Bet365 Online Casino Blackjack Bet365 Casino £200 100% 10 500+ Download
9. Blackjack Online Casino Tropez Casino Tropez £100 100% 10 300+ Download
10. All Jackpots Online Blackjack Casino All Jackpots £200 100% 10 400+ Download

More About Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack is the type of game that only requires a deck of cards, a dealer and at least one player. Blackjack game is also known as 21 Card Game. Game play is equally as simple. Both players and the dealer are trying to achieve the highest total of cards that come close or equal 21, without exceeding this number. Whoever has the highest total after all the cards have been dealt wins. Blackjack players are competing against the dealer and not each other. The only relevance other players have to one another is in what cards they are being dealt and are therefore no longer in play.

Blackjack game play begins when each player, as well as the dealer, is dealt two initial cards. These cards are dealt from either one or two hand held decks or from a card box. Once players have their cards, they then have the chance to receive additional cards. Each player will be asked in turn if they want additional cards. Players will either take a "hit" or "stand", depending on the total they began with and can achieve by receiving a hit.

Players should be aware that the dealer is also playing. Generally, most casinos have a rule concerning when the dealer can hit or stand. Usually, if the dealer has a total of 17 points or less, he has to take a hit. If the dealer has more than 17, they have to stand. This is a rule that is required by the venue and is usually posted.

The game can also be won if a player or the dealer obtains a "natural blackjack" with their initial two cards. A natural blackjack occurs when a player (or dealer) is dealt an ace and a face card or a 10, for a total of 21. A natural blackjack is an automatic win unless both a player and the dealer achieve the hand, in which case the hand is a tie and dealt over.

Naturally, there are minimum and maximum wagering limits that are associated with the blackjack table as well. Players can be assured that there is money to be won playing blackjack. In fact, understanding the various rules and playing strategies involved is the vita key to being successful at blackjack.

The game of blackjack is simple, but elegant. There is a thrill that is inherent with any game that challenges the odds. With a little skill and strategy, however, blackjack becomes more than a game of chance. Online Blackjack Game is, in fact, the ultimate in card playing excitement for many players.

Where to play blackjack games online?

Try to play blackjack online for real money or for fun by downloading any secure playtech casino or microgaming casino. Playtech and Microgaming are the most popular online casino (gaming) software providers.

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